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We know that starting the process is hard and in the middle of it, everyone can be a little bit lost sometimes. So we decided to be the helping hand you need: the one that supports and makes powerful collaboration to make your own change. Drive your business forward with a user-centric and problem-solving digital product.

Resilience and Growth in a Shifting Digital Landscape

The story of Magika Studio was started in 2020. Our very first move was driven by the fact that businesses and individuals are always forced to adapt and make change in the world that constantly evolves and transforms digitally, especially during the pandemic.

Cultivating Ideas and Crafting Digital Solutions

From this perspective, we took the initiative to be present and empower those who want to make the change that matters. "Empowering change" has become our solid DNA ever since. Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we aspire to be a creative environment where ideas are cultivated and digital solutions are build.

The Journey Begins 2020

Our first move to embark on a remarkable journey of innovation and growth.


We start
building team2022

Establishing our team to elevate service provision and deliver exceptional experiences.


The Journey Continues 2023

Continuously serving our valued clients since then.


Understanding, Serving, and Empowering You


In the world that constantly evolves and transform digitally, we believe that everyone needs to constantly adapt by making change.


We come for any businesses, brands and individuals that are eager to be better and to create something better.


We craft and build the digital solutions you need with our expertise : product design, product research, and creative visuals.


We listen to you, then team up and collaborate with you to reach your goals. It’s more than just working closely, it’s about sharing the same passion.